The Formanator

Don’t you just love the sales?! I found our new George Forman grill at our local Tesco for half price. We needed a new one, so I thought, why not?

First, let’s talk about the title of The Formanator. The name came from our mates, Tina and Phil, who aptly named a George Forman grill with the illustrious title of The Formanator having cooked monumental amounts of breakfast meat in it. It works for me.

Second, let’s talk about our former Formanator. It was an eight portion monster. It had removable plates for easy cleaning. It cooked our way through more sausages and bacon than you could shake a stick at. Unfortunately, when you take the plates out, if the power is still on and the two elements touch each other there will be melting and explosions and fire. Silly Wife.

I love the simplicity of The Formanator – meat, grill, eat. It gets rid of excess fat, and cooks quicker.

On my Slimming World diet, lean meat and vege are Good Things, to The Formanator is ideal for quick, healthy meals.

Last night I cooked steak, mushrooms and asparagus in The Formanator. I also cooked some cherry tomatoes on the vine (in balsamic vinegar, with some cracked black pepper) and corn on the cob (wrapped in tin foil with some low calorie spray) in the oven. The tomatoes take 10-15 minutes, but the corn took about 20 minutes.

I think The Formanator has changed our lives somewhat. Husband was not a huge vege fan until he met me. Over the last five years I’ve learned what he will not tolerate, and worked on the rest. Somehow, grilling vege makes it OK in his book. He’s discovered he LOVES asparagus done this way. 

The tomatoes in the oven is another one – he’d eat them three times a day every day if he could! By the way, if you are using cheaper balsamic, add in a sprinkle of sugar before putting it in the oven – adds the missing sweetness.

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