Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese

This was adapted form one of Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals. I got the book for Christmas, and it is really cool. I love the TV show, and the book is just as innovative. The method is laid out as you would cook the meal, in sections by course. It’s really useful when you’re in a rush, as you would be cooking a meal in 30 minutes.

I trimmed the fat off the bacon (the original recipe used pancetta), cut out cheese in the sauce, and cut out the bread in the topping. But, if you’re not watching your weight you could add these right back in.

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8 rashers of bacon
1 large head of cauliflower
250g dried macaroni
A few sprigs of rosemary
2 cloves garlic
250g fat free fromage frais
250g quark

Cook the bacon. Chop, then blend in a mini-processor with the rosemary (dried works too).
Get rid of the tatty outer leaves of the cauliflower, but keep some of the inner, green ones. Quarter the head. Put it in the pan with some of the inner, green leaves. Pour over the dried pasta. Cover with boiling water. Cook as per the pasta instructions.
When draining the pasta and cauliflower, reserve 400ml of the water. Add half the water, the fromage frais and the quark to the pasta and cauliflower. Add more water to keep the mixture loose. Crush the garlic and add in. Break the caluaiflower up as you stir. Season as appropriate.
Spread out evenly in a casserole dish or similar. Sprinkle the bacon/rosemary on top. Grill until warmed through and browning on top.

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3 Responses to Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese

  1. Ms. Joy says:

    Yum! I haven’t tried any of the recipes directly out of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks but I do like his show and the food he presents on Jamie at Home. You’ve done a beautiful thing to cauliflower. Isn’t quark just the coolest cheese? You can do so much with it!

    • Em Halforbes says:

      We haves few of Jamie’s recipe books and use them quite a bit – I can recommend them! Was pleased to find this easy cauliflower recipe. It’s such an underused vegetable. And we Brits usually smother it in cheese, so this is much lighter, and quicker.

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