Fabulous teapots and flavoursome food

I had lunch last weekend with mon frere (his 29th birthday… It’s the younger siblings that age you…) at Go Slow Cafe (452 Victoria Road, Glasgow). It came highly recommended, and I can reiterate that recommendation.

Firstly, I have to admit to living across the road from this place for two years. Well, the now husband did, so I spent about 30% of my life living across the road from it. We always meant to go but never got around to it. And we were missing out.

I had a rocket and broccoli burger. I wasn’t sure how that was gonna work, but it was basically some broccoli and rocket in with the minced beef of the burger. And it was extremely good. Served on a tasty bun, with mozzarella and salad. And a huge, delicious side salad too. Filling, tasty, and virtuous (no chips – whooppee!). And well priced at £5.75.

But the best part was the tea. In Teapots of Joy. Oh yes. And cookies of love. Indeedy.

Lovely place for lunch, tea, chilling and chat. Great staff, reasonably priced and a wonderful atmosphere.

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