Buying organic

I happened past one of our local vege shops – Pillars of Hercules near Falkland, Fife – the other day and popped in for a bite (they have a cafe too, with excellent cake). I always have to buy some vege when I’m there, and have a browse of their other specialist goods – organic dried foods, health foods and organic soaps, shampoos etc.

But one thing that always makes me stop and consider is where the organic vege comes from – Europe, Africa and elsewhere in the UK. And I wonder if the carbon footprint of my tomato is airtight benefit of eating organic. The quality of the food is good, but the added cost – to my wallet and to the environment – in this economic climate makes me think that non-local organic will remain for special occasions.

However, the grapefruit are worth the special trip and added cost. They are MASSIVE in comparison to those in a whilst supermarket. And I will add that Pillars has fantastic home frown salad in the warmer months – truly delish.

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