Jointing a chicken

Meat isn’t cheap. I took measures in to my own hands by teaching myself how to joint a chicken. It’s pretty straightforward and worth the faffing for lots of reasons.

You can get several good meals out of one chicken for a little more than the price of a pair of breasts.

1. Stuff the breasts with cream cheese and spring onions and wrap in bacon.

2. Use the thighs and legs in a stew.

3. Make a stock out of the carcass – put it in a late pan with an assortment of vege, cover with water and simmer for at least 30 minutes. Use the stock in a risotto – it tastes much better than a cube and in a risotto you’ll appreciate the flavour.

4. Pick any meat from the carcass and use in a curry.

So, to jointing.

Get a really good pair of kitchen scissors. I don’t find a need to cut through bone, but being able to cut through cartilage and joints is handy.


You don’t have to skin the bird, but I do.

I start off making a cut in the skin, along the top between the two breasts.


Then I take the skin off both breasts – it will come off the thighs and legs too with some pulling.


Turn the bird over and cut and pull off the skin.


Cut and pull off the skin from the remainder of the legs, thighs and wings – at least as far as you can.

To get as much of the thigh off as possible I cut past the joint that attaches the leg and thigh to the body. Then cut the leg and thigh off, including as much flesh as possible. The leg and thigh can be separated to make two pieces of meat by cutting at the joint.


The wings can be cut off in much the same way as the leg and thigh, by cutting at the joint. Don’t bother trying to cut the skin off – it won’t happen, or at least not to any satisfaction.

To cut off the breasts, start the incision along the bone on top of the bird. Carefully cut off as much of the breast as possible by following the contours of the carcass.


You should now have a pretty sorry looking carcass, and a feeling of immense satisfaction.

If my 12 year old niece can do it, so can you.

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