Mini roasters

Roast potatoes are an obsession in our house. The best ones are tiny whole roasted potatoes.

I used miniature new potatoes, a whole bag. I boiled them for five minutes, drained them and put them in a roasting tray.
Lots of Fry Light sprayed over the potatoes. Shake and spray again. Sprinkle with dried Rosemary and crack fresh black pepper and salt over. Shake.
Roast at 200 degrees or so for at least an hour – the longer the yummier!

Tonight we had our roasters with gammon and egg.

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2 Responses to Mini roasters

  1. Rob Bradley says:

    Nom Nom Nom…I prefer to make a roasting dressing in a bowl, usually with light(er) oil, crunchy maldon salt, sweet paprika & fennel seeds. It is now on my signature dish list!

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