Dealing with cheap peaches

Hubby bought some cheap peaches. In fact they were referred to as “soft fruit” – never a good sign. On top of that they were white peaches and they are never great shop bought at the best of times. (They need to be eaten having been ripened on the tree, either in a hothouse or a hot country.)

They took a while to ripen and mostly tasted alright. But they are beginning to turn and I need to eat them quick.

I sliced three peaches and cut each slice in half. Topped with a couple of large spoonfuls of fat free Greek yoghurt and a spoon of our spiced apple jelly (but honey would do). Mix. Delish.

As an aside, our spiced apple jelly was made last winter. It’s a bit runny but absolutely yum. Due to it’s age the jelly has started to caramelise a little – just when I didn’t think it could get any better.

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