The Turkey Saga pt 1

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving – the Candian flavour – a little late this year. And so the turkey saga begins… We’re feeding ten. This turkey said it feeds 16-18, but clearly they’ve not met my brother or my colleague’s fiance. We should have enough, plus some leftovers.

The turkey has taken about a day to defrost – it’s about 7 kilos and takes 3-4 hours per kilo to defrost. I’m popping it in to brine later tonight or tomorrow morning.

The brine mix starts by dissolving 130g salt and 200g light brown sugar with a pint or so boiling water. I heated this through with a bunch of spices to infuse the flavours: 3 tbsp peppercorns; 3 tbsp coriander and mustard seeds; 4 star anise; 8 cloves; and a cinnamon stick, broken. I left it to cool then popped it in the fridge.

More later…

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