The Turkey Saga pt 2

We have a large storage container that just about fits in our fridge. I added the brine mix to it, plus a bunch of other ingredients: 2 oranges, quartered and squeezed; two onions, quartered; 4 bay leaves, torn.

I washed the turkey inside and out and popped it in the container. Then topped it up with water to cover. And put in the fridge. (The container has a lid so it’s really handy.) It needs at least 10 hours to brine, but I usually try to do it for a day.

I was unconvinced as to whether this was worth all the hassle the first time I did it. But this time I left the bird in much longer, and heated the spices through the brine mix to release the flavours. So I had high hopes for the roasted bird.

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3 Responses to The Turkey Saga pt 2

  1. Rob Bradley says:

    What are the advantages of brining a turkey?

    • Em Halforbes says:

      Super moist turkey and the flavours seeping through the skin to the meat. As I said above, I was unconvinced the first time I did it (the time you came over for Thanksgiving), but this time it did make a difference.

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