The Turkey Saga pt 3

The turkey got about a day in the brine. When she came out she was very well saturated – I had high hopes for a moist turkey! She needed a good couple of hours to get up to room temperature, drain off excess trapped brine, and dry off.

Her legs were flapping around (dislocated? or perhaps the muscles were saturated?) when she came out and, for lack of a better solution, I used a thick strip of tin foil to tie her legs together. Otherwise the leg would’ve hit the side of the roasting pan and may have burned.

I cooked her at 180 degrees Centigrade for four hours, as directed by the manufacturer, and advice on t’interwebs. She came out tasting great – the brining was worth it – but the breast was a little dry (perhaps cooking her on her front for a bit would have helped).

The temperature in the breast and leg was 74 degrees Centigrade – as it reportedly should have been – when tested with the meat thermometer at its thickest part (see pic below). But, if I hadn’t had to cook the turkey in a different location to where I was serving dinner (due to an extremely inconvenient oven issue) I’d have been able to keep a better eye on it and taken it out sooner.

(The oven issue is a long saga that boils down to my folks’ double oven having been out-of-order for a good two months now. Not great for dinner parties, to be honest, but our place only seats six at a squeeze…)

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