Accompaniments for an Indian meal

Pakora sauce
250ml tomato ketchup
250ml water
1tsp mint sauce
juice of half a lemon
1tsp salt
1 to 4tsp sugar, to taste

Mix ingredients together. Serve as dipping sauce for pakora.

Mix 200ml fat free Greek yoghurt with 2 tbsp fat free natural yoghurt. Add 1 or two tsp mint sauce, to taste. refrigerate until ready to serve as an accompaniment to curry – great for cooling down spicy food!

You could also add some grated cucumber (with juice squeezed out) for adding cooling effect.

Quarter a large pack of cherry tomatoes. Add finely chopped onion and finely chopped coriander. refrigerate to let flavours mature until ready to eat. Serve as an accompaniment to pakoras or curry.

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4 Responses to Accompaniments for an Indian meal

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  2. linda says:

    Tomato ketchup, vinegar and chilli flakes mixed together is good as well, if you don’t like mint (like me)

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