Bagels and other baked goods

A thorough recommendation for the Watermill cafe and bakery at Blair Atholl. Though it’s now closed for the season it’s definitely worth a trip during the spring/summer.

It’s a working mill, powered by a water wheel and the local stream. It also has a cafe – great soup!! – which sells their baked goods.

This time I had a yummy raisin and cinnamon bagel. I’m a bit fussy about my bagels, having tried the real thing freshly baked at a Jewish bakery in the US. But Rami and Kirsty didn’t let me down – I’ll be back for more…

The others had carrot cake (Andrea loves it so much she travelled from Canada for a piece!) and tiffin (which their adorable daughter advertises on the menu and box) – all fabulous.

It’s making me hungry just thinking about it…

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One Response to Bagels and other baked goods

  1. I have a bagel every day for breakfast but I didn’t know the Watermill did them. When they’re open again I’m popping up there for a look-see. Thank you for the top tip!

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