Eating out – the Old School

The Old School, Dunvegan, is simply our favourite restaurant. OK, so we’re a biased – we had our wedding breakfast there – but it never fails to disappoint.

My partner in crime (friend, Andrea) and I pre-ordered lobster. It was a monster and enough to share. It was cooked with olive oil, tomatoes and (I think) coriander. Almost bruschetta-like, as Andrea put it. Delicious. And fun to eat too!

The salad on the side is always fabulous – local leaves and berries, with a nice dressing. And I like my mash on the side too, to help soak up the lobster juices.

We both started with muscles too, in a cream and White wine sauce. Absolutely perfect with some of their homemade bread.

Husband had scallops to start. They make him happy – see image of grinning man. A generous number of fresh scallops were served on a bed of tagliatelle with a citrus dressing. I tried a nibble and can confirm they were cooked to perfection. The citrus dressing is wonderful with the scallops.

And if I needed any more food there were delicious local cheeses and fabulous oatcakes for dessert. I can’t resist…

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