How to flip a Spanish omelette

Omelette for breakfast? Must be Saturday!

This one had two red onions and a bunch of cherry tomatoes – softened with Fry Light and some water – before adding six eggs – beaten, with salt, pepper and dried Rosemary to taste. Kept the heat on high and the lid on, until the omelette started to brown.

Then I used a silicone spatula to ease the omelette from the pan.
Slip the spatula all around the edge of the omelette, under as far as you can into the centre.

Turn the heat down to medium and keep the lid on, while the grill heats up to high. Put the pan under the grill to finish cooking to the top.





Once the top has browned, remove the pan from under the grill. Take a large plate – large enough to fit the omelette on – and put it over the pan.






Use a couple of pot holders to protect your hands as you hold the plate firmly over the pan. And flip the pan over – the omelette should slip on to the plate.







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