First time making meat loaf

Meat loaf is awesome. I can’t believe I’ve never made it before?!

This evening I served it with pasta and courgettes.

Tomatoey courgettes

Chop courgettes and fry in large frying pan, with a little Fry Light and water until water evaporated and courgettes getting soft. Then add large dollop of tomato purée (this is a few Syns, but worth it) and continue to toss courgettes in pan until partially browned.

Meat loaf

This recipe has ben adapted somewhat from the US Slimming World website. For instance, I substituted a type of steak sauce with BBQ sauce (though tomato ketchup would have done). I didn’t make up mustard from scratch as per the recipe (this would have made the meatloaf more Syn Free) but used half English half American-style yellow mustard.

In the future, I would use less vinegar.

This recipe is Syn Free apart from any condiments you use – BBQ sauce, ketchup or pre-made mustard. So the Syns are negligible.

Low calorie cooking spray
1lb extra lean minced beef
1 egg, beaten
1 medium onion, finely chopped (I do mine in the hand blender attachment)
2 tbsp BBQ sauce or tomato ketchup
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to season

For the marinade
½ cup passata
½ cup water
1 tbsp sugar substitute
1 tsp barbecue seasoning (or similar)
2 tbsp mustard (prepared from powder)
2 tbsp vinegar

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Spray the inside of a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan (mine was silicone) with low calorie cooking spray.

2. Using your hands, thoroughly mix the minced beef, egg, onion, BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, then  press it down into the pan. Bake it for 15 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, mix the marinade ingredients. After  15 minutes, pour the sauce over the meatloaf, and return it to the over  for another 45 minutes.

4. Remove carefully from the pan and slice into 4 pieces to serve.

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