Throw-it-in-the-pot ragu

This pasta sauce came out of necessity – I had a wee bit mince leftover from making meat loaf and had to find something to do with it. I’m not a huge fan of mince, if I’m honest – too many dinners of badly cooked mince I’m afraid. But I have high hopes that the gentle cooking of the mince, and simmering of the sauce for several hours, will result in tasty, succulent beef.

I finely chopped the vege – three onions, four mediums carrots – in the hand blender and cooked in a non-stick pot with a little Fry Light and a splash of water. I added six cloves garlic, crushed, and three handfuls chopped mushrooms.

While this was cooking a gently browned the mince – about 600g.

When the vege were cooked through I added the mince and mixed. I then added a can of chopped tomatoes and passata. I added a little water, used to rinse out the tomato containers. And I added 250ml white wine – these are the only Syns in the dish.

I added spices to taste – dries basil, fennel seeds and black pepper – and simmered for three hours. The sauce reduced and thickened, and the resulting sauce smelt fabulous. Tonight’s dinner will be the taste test!

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