A G&T, please

I know it’s slightly sacrilegious to use low cal tonic when making a G&T, but it’s my nod to being on a diet! The true connoisseur will say one can taste the difference, but I can’t.

However, I always have a slice of lime, not lemon. Apparently this is thanks to Gordon’s, the gin manufacturer, who use green limes in their ads to go with their green bottles. I just think it tastes better. And it should be a wedge of cucumber if you drinking Hendricks and tonic – sounds weird, but try it.

The gin we’re drinking right now is Blackwood’s. They’re nominally a Shetland company and the gin supposedly uses Shetland botanicals. Whatever it’s origin, the gin tastes great. I lived in Shetland for a bit, hence our friend getting us a bottle as a gift.

The only ice cubes we had last night were wee curling stones from the tabletop curling game I was given for my birthday. They worked very well and were quite the talking point!

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