Home-mulled wine

Normally I buy pre-mulled wine by the bottle from a supermarket. But we were given a pack of spices and a pair of cute mulled wine glasses as part of our Festive loot, so I thought I’d give it a bash. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure I’ve made mulled wine from scratch before, I just don’t do it often.

To a bottle of red (Inycon Sicilia Cabernet Sauvignon) I added the spices. The packet mix seemed to have a variety of ingredients: cinnamon; bay leaves; a nutmeg; allspice berries; and dried citrus fruit rind. I also added some slices of a fresh orange, the juice of the rest of the orange, and a splash of brandy. I simmered it for ten minutes, then strained it into our nifty glasses.

It was nay bad, but a bit cinnamony – next time I’d ignore the pack and only put in one stick.

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