Bratwurst, curry powder and fried onions

In an attempt to gorge ourselves on food-you’d-eat-at-the-cinema we decided to have hotdogs. Only when we got to appropriate shelf at the supermarket we discovered bratwurst – we couldn’t resist.

We had bratwurst for the first time (in memory) this May when we were on holiday in Germany. We ate a lot of sausage, including bratwurst on several occasions. We were introduced to curry wurst too – bratwurst, sliced, drenched in curry sauce (the German kind, not what you get on chips over here) – by our friend, Albrecht. When we were at the German Christmas market in Edinburgh this year we indulged in more curry wurst – I think we may be addicted.

So  when we found the bratwurst on sale in the UK, Husband asked if we could have curry wurst! So I looked up the recipe and found it was rather easy. Apparently, the sauce ingredients were introduced to the German cuisine after the Second World War by British soldiers – ingredients such as tomato ketchup and curry powder could be found.

I cooked the bratwurst on the Forman grill, and served with fried onions (thinly sliced and slowly caramelised in a non-stick pan with Fry Light and water) and the curry sauce in hotdog buns. It’s hotdog, meet curry wurst!

Curry sauce for curry wurst

1 cup tomato ketchup
4-5 tsp mild curry powder

Gently warm the ketchup through in a small pan – keep stirring. Add the curry powder gradually, stirring all the time. Add the curry powder to taste – you don’t want it to be too spicy; the ketchup should just lose its sweet taste. The sauce should take on a grainy texture as the powder mixes with the ketchup. Serve immediately, or store until ready to use.

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