Green bean and asparagus tempura

This is probably the best recipe in the world: vegetables in batter. Tempura rules. And, of course, you can do other stuff, not just vege!

Our favourite tempura is green beans – I’d never done it before I found a recipe in a magazine and tried it out. Anything to TRY to get Hubby to eat green beans. It worked. He even eats them out of batter these days…

The only vege husband will eat is asparagus (champagne taste, beer income…) so we thought we’d add some of that in to the mix this evening.

Green bean and asparagus tempura

Ingredients 4 tbsp corn flour 3 egg whites A splash of very cold water Green beans and asparagus tips (this mix will coat about 300g) Vege/sunflower/canola oil – at least a litre

Method Take the vege out of the fridge for a wee while before cooking with it, to avoid putting really cold stuff in hot oil (takes longer to cook and for the oil to reheat).

Heat the oil in a large, heavy-based pan (or a chip pan, if such things still exist). The oil is hot enough when a little splash of batter sizzles.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN COOKING WITH LARGE AMOUNTS OF OIL. Do not set yourself or the kitchen on fire – hot oil is flammable. It is not advised that you put the lid on the pan. Be careful when putting in or removing fried items – hot oil burns.

Mix the corn flour and egg whites in a large bowl, with a whisk, until smooth. Add a splash of water and mix.

Add the vege in batches, to coat in the batter, allowing the batter to drain before putting it in the oil. Don’t put too much vege in batter in the pan of oil at one time – the more you put in the cooler the oil will get.

Cook each batch of battered vege for a couple of minutes – the batter is thin and the vege are too, so not long is needed (if you’re using other vege, cut in thicker slices, they may need longer). I find the green beans get stuck to the bottom of the pan, but they will unstick eventually – usually a sign that the oil isn’t quite hot enough yet. But the latter batches will cook quicker.

I usually keep the early batches in a kitchen towel lined dish in a warm oven.

Serve as soon as possible – preferably immediately! Green beans and asparagus are great served with garlic mayo. However, for a more genuine tempura experience serve with a soy saucce dip – I’ll post about that in the future, nay doot…

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