Eating out – in Italy

Eating abroad is great – so many new and different things to try. In Italy, it is an absolute pleasure. We honeymooned in Italy, in Umbertide – a nice town near Perugia. It has some great restaurants and a market every Wednesday. We also spent a couple of nights in Pisa.

Porchetta (roast pork), fresh from Armando at the Wednesday market. The stuffing, full of garlic and spices and sweetmeats, is superb. All it needs is some bread and wine!

Fresh scallops and razor shells from the fish stall at the Wednesday market. Cooked in “al forno” at “piccolo” heat not “molto” heat, as per instructed by the fishmonger! Delicious – another good reason to go back to Umbertide…

Everything sold by the local baker was great, but we particularly liked his fresh foccacia. The bread always comes wrapped up in a little package – not in a packet!

The local holidays utterly confused us! So one day we did get caught out and the bakers was closed. The ONLY shop we could find open was the patisserie. So we were FORCED to have cake for breakfast. Shame!

The little shop on the corner does do exceedingly good cakes…

When we were in Pisa we went to a lovely restaurant with an unpronouncable name that I therefore cannot remember. I could probably give you directions though… Most of what we ate and drank was recommended by the owner – he seemed to have good taste…

The highlight was fresh porcini mushrooms (not dried like we get them over here) on radicchio (image left). It was sublime. For someone who used to hate mushrooms this was the pinnacle of learning to love them – a superb dish.

The restaurant owner was very sweet – everything was “special”, just for us. He certainly sold it! We drank a lovely light white wine with our meal – refreshing in the heat.

Another dish (left) was strips of beef on rocket (or “racket”, as the menu quotes!) with Parmesan – delish!! So simple, but worked perfectly together.

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2 Responses to Eating out – in Italy

  1. Mudmap says:

    thanks for your posting – I hope to get back to Italy later this year, but was in France last year and wrote about eating in France – here

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