Eating out – the National Trust

We visited the Burns Birthplace Museum the other day and ate lunch in the cafe. We had a great day – it’s a trip out I’d thoroughly recommend.

The Museum is good – lots to see, lots to do, and lots to learn. The Museum has an interesting layout so the visitor can explore in their own way. But the highlight of the experience were the rest of the Burns sites in the village: the birthplace cottage itself; the Auld Kirk; the Brig o Doon; and the Monument. It was a great place for a day out, a wander around the village, and a bit of culture.

Anyway – the food. The macaroni cheese was yum, and it looked it (that’s what drew me away from the baked potatoes).  Papa’s steak and sausage pie looked magnificent too, and also tasted good. ANd Mum really enjoyed her massive baked potato. Un fortunately, by the time we got from the hot buffet to the till (and waited for ages behind the badly managed queue) our macaroni cheese and steak pie were cold.
Also, because it wasn’t made up in the kitchen (it was spooned from the hot buffet) it didn’t exactly appear very well presented. At all.

This is why hot buffets do not work.

My other wee big bear is that I didn’t get something extra because I didn’t want chips. I’m not asking for more main, but more vege would’ve been nice.

Overall, nothing bad to report, but nothing to recommend this eatery. Also, value for money: not great.

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