New favourites – meat loaf and potato logs

Meat loaf and potato logs are becoming firm favourites. Served with balsamic roasted tomatoes – an old favourite.

Last time I made meat loaf I made waaaaaaaay too much. It was great to be able to freeze two batches for the future. However, I wasn’t too sure how it would freeze/defrost – turns out just fine. The mixture needed a bit of a mix before putting it in the loaf tin, but that was fine.

The meat loaf marinade mix was mostly passata, with a good squeeze of barbecue sauce, a generous splash of Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoonful of English mustard powder, and salt and pepper.

I’ve never made potato logs myself before, but have had the pleasure of having them made for me by a friend (and get leftovers!!!!!). We had some leftover mashed potato. I added an egg and mixed. I took handfuls and dipped them in biscuit crumbs (wholemeal Crackerbread put through the blender til smooth) and rolled into logs. I put them in a greased pan and cooked for 40 minutes until browning.

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