Smokey bacon and tomato pasta

Last night’s slow roasted tomatoes went to good use in this pasta sauce! The smokey bacon added the most wonderful flavour – as ever.

When we eat bacon we always cut off the fat – and that usually means the bottom portion becomes separated. we use that small portion in other cooking, having taken the remaining fat off. For this pasta sauce I cooked the small bacon pieces for a short while in a frying pan.

I then added two red onions, finely chopped and five crushed garlic cloves. We love our garlic!!!! I added a splash of water and put a lid on, and cooked until the onion was soft.

I then added the slow roasted tomatoes, each piece cut in half, and warmed through.

I poured this over freshly cooked pasta and added a generous portion of tomato puree (newly made free on Slimming World!).

The sauce was enough for a generous portion for two or three, but could squeeze to four of five with some passatta.

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is FREE on Extra Easy.

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