An Italian evening

Last night we were treated to dinner at my parents to celebrate my great grandparents 100th wedding anniversary. The next day they left for Italy – Popsy was to open a shop on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and work as a gold and silversmith.

Hubbie and I and my parents were joined for the evening by Papa’s brother and his wife, and family friends from the village.

Papa has certainly spent enough time in Italy so knows plenty about Italian cooking. And, of course, he did the mainstay of the cooking in his suit jacket and tie!

Nibbles with drinks before dinner were olives – a classic choice.

Antipasti (starter) was a platter of vegetables – asparagus, bell peppers, gherkins and chillis – with a vegetable omelette.

Primi piatti (first course) was a delicious pasta dish with prawns and mussels in a little cream. A very light and tasty dish. And perhaps a little lemon zest would have finished it off perfectly.

Secondi piatti (second course) was maiale la Marsala (pork with Marsala). The boozy sauce was absolutely delicious and worked well with the pork (a replacement for the more traditional veal).
The pork was filleted, beaten, and dipped in flour. Each fillet was then fried briefly on each side (enough to brown, and cook through), and set aside. The pan was then deglazed with Marsala. Once a sauce formed the fillets were put back in the pan to warm through before serving.
The pork was served with chips (Slimming World style) and grilled vege (courgettes and aubergine).

Dolci (dessert) was pannacotta. This dish is, effectively, boiled cream. Gelatine is used to set. It is absolutely delicious, and well worth the calories!
Mum is still experimenting with the consistency – ideally the pannacotta should be turned out before serving. To be honest, I like it when it’s a bit runny and not really best for turning out!
This pannacotta was served with blueberries (our one third fruit as per Slimming World) and a berry coulis (expertly sieved by me).

Two excellent Italian wines were served with dinner.

Overall, an excellent evening with some excellent food.

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