The local chipper

This evening Hubbie helped me draw lots to see whether I would have: fish ‘n’ chips from the local chipper; or a bottle of red wine. I’m celebrating a great day at work, so I deserve it! And actually – possibly amazingly – fish and chips can’t be far off calories on a bottle of vino… It was the right choice.

We always get our fish and chips from the local chip shop across the road. It’s so close we can smell it when we’re outside our front door – and trust me this is a temptation!

I always have a large fish supper. Hubbie has a large sausage supper. We both get two pickled onions, and we share a portion of onions rings.

My preference is for the chippy to season with vinegar only – I’m not a huge fan of salt. And I administer my own ketchup at home – Heinz all the way.

It’s the little things that make a really good chipper…

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