Slimming World Chips

We eat Slimming World chips often. And I talk about them in my Blog often. But I don’t post very regularly about how to make them – so a reminder is due!

They are one of the best reasons to joined Slimming World – guilt free chips!!!!! And they are absolutely tasty.

For French Fry-type chips, cut them thinner. For wedges, cut them thicker. We really like chunky chips, simply seasoned with salt and pepper! For something different, we cut them into cubes and season with rosemary.

I don’t parboil my chips – but you can, for five minutes or so. You’ll end up with a different finish to your chips – try giving them a good shake after draining, before putting them in the greased pan. But, the key thing is not to skimp on the Fry Light!

Fry Light

Grease a roasting pan with Fry Light.

Chop potatoes in to chips. Add to greased pan. Spray with Fry Light. Mix. Spray with Fry Light. Season. Mix.

Cook at 200 degrees Centigrade until cooked to your satisfaction – but I think at least 45 minutes.

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5 Responses to Slimming World Chips

  1. Toby Atkin-Wright says:

    We often enjoy the syn-free chips.

    One fine variation is to put the chips in a bowl before cooking, spray on the Fry Light, and shake on a good quantity of Schwartz Fajita Seasoning. Mix well to make sure the chips are evenly covered, then onto a baking tray and cook as usual. Mmm.

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