Asparagus! Asparagus! (Can you do the fandango?)

Love asparagus! It was how I persuaded my dear Husband that vegetables were not, in fact, evil! As I have said before of his love for asparagus – champagne taste; beer income.

As well as being delicious, healthy, and, of course, super free on Slimming World, asparagus was also on offer at Sainsbury’s this weekend: two bunches for £3.

I’ve cooked asparagus a number of ways:

  • steamed in the steamer
  • boiled or steamed in a shallow pan with a very little water
  • grilled in the Foreman grill

I like mine cooked through, but still with a little crunch!

The best way to serve asparagus is a simple one – lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, with a little melted butter (or butter-style Fry Light).

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