Beef stew and garlic mash pie

Pie! Oh, pie! I had some leftover stew, and you can’t go wrong with pie.

I decided to top it with mashed tatties: peeled and cubed potatoes; boiled until breaking up easily; mashed with fat free yoghurt until smooth; seasoned with salt and pepper; and freshly crushed garlic added mixed through.

The stew needed a wee bit thickening before adding it to the dish – a tablespoonful of thickening granules did the trick. I added the granules to the sauce to thicken, then put the vege and beef back in to warm though.
These granules are a great cupboard staple, and much handier than adding flour or cornflour to sauces and gravy. But they’re not Syn free.

I simply added the thickened stew to a large dish, nd topped with the garlic mash. I forked the top before putting in the oven – it comes out looking so pretty when it is browned. I cooked it for about 30 minutes in the oven, until browned on top and warmed through.

Slimming World Syns: as long as the pie filling is Syn free, this recipe is free on Extra Easy, aside from a few Syns per portion for the thickening granules.

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