Goat’s cheese and pear salad

This salad was put together on the spur of the moment, inspired by a bag of Tesco’s pre-packed beetroot salad. But I suspect it came from a dark recess of familiar recipes somewhere in my mind – goat’s cheese and pear is a classic combination, and for good reason.

I don’t know what it was about that bag of salad that inspired me, but the beetroot, pear and soft goat’s cheese were really tasty together. The bag of salad had grated beetroot, as well as baby leaves, and other salad leaves. Any salad would probably have done, or you could add your own cooked (NOT pickled) beetroot.

I got ripe pears (soft and tasty, but firm) and a soft goat’s cheese (easier to crumble). A feta might’ve worked too.

I used a lemon juice dressing. Much like most salad dressings, I’d use 1 measure lemon juice to 3 or 4 of olive oil. You could premix this before adding to the salad, or drizzle the ingredients on separately.

Put a healthy portion of salad on each guest’s plate. Lay thin pear slices on top. Crumble goat’s cheese on top. Drizzle with freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. Season with black pepper. Serve.


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