Ways with haggis: in the oven…

Two haggis recipes tonight, in honour of the great Scots bard. I’ll update when they are out of the oven…

Firstly, the pear and haggis concoction from earlier this week. I used a couple of “perfectly ripe” type pears, and a couple Chinese pears (the latter is an experiment).

Secondly, chicken stuffed with haggis wrapped in bacon.


I used pieces of chicken (it’s what we had) but breast would have been easier. De-bone the pieces, or butterfly the breast. Please between two pieces of cling film and batter with a rolling pin to flatten.

Place a generous portion of haggis in the chicken and roll up (the haggis should be plenty pliable so you could create a cylinder shape). Cover with a piece of bacon – make sure it covers the seam). Truss (I used my foodloops again!).

Put in a baking dish. Cook for at least 40 minutes, or until cooked through.

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