Midweek stew: sun-dried tomatoes and beef casserole

My folks brought back a bunch of sun-dried tomatoes from Italy and we’ve been using them up over the past couple of months. They are really strongly flavoured – more so than UK shop-bought variety – and I’ve been having problems finding recipes where the flavour compliments rather than overpowers. So I reckoned a slow cooked stew with beef would suit: slow cooked to re-hydrate the tomatoes, and beef to meet the hearty flavour of the tomatoes.

I removed that fat from 300g of casserole beef, and chopped into chunks. I browned it in a large, heavy-based pan with a little Fry Light. I added the beef to the slow cooker.

I roughly chopped three red onions and added them to the slow cooker with a can of chopped tomatoes (with basil), three bay leaves, 2 tsp dried basil, ten black olives, 20 cherry tomatoes, and freshly cracked black pepper. Before setting the slow cooker I added 200g of beef stock.

The stew cooked for nine hours. I decanted the stew to a pan, added a tin of cannellini beans, and heated through. We served it with baked potatoes.

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is Syn FREE on Extra Easy, aside from the sun-dried tomatoes – those with no added oil are 1 Syn per 28g. Remember to cut all the fat off the beef.

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