Homemade piping bag (and devilled eggs)

It’s time for our re-scheduled Christmas meeting of our local museum forum and we always have a potluck lunch. To which I take devilled eggs and pumpkin pie.

The filling for the pies was from the batch I made in December before the meeting was re-scheduled! The eggs have been made to the Slimming World recipe I discovered in November.

However, I digress – this post was really meant to be about my fabulous homemade piping bag – it is a Ziploc-type bag with the corner cut off (but only the very, very corner, otherwise the piping gets out of control).

Once I got in the swing of the piping they came out looking pretty good, and a lot less like a doodoo. The key here is to make sure the mix is really, really smooth so lumps don’t get stuck in the opening (and then escape with a splurge!).

I used a small bag – when two thirds full it fits well in my hands to give good control. I’ll have to try this out with other substances, but this is definitely a thrifty way to get around the piping bag thing.

On another note, my brother had given me a tip about hard boiling eggs – to only do a few in the pan at one time to avoid the temperature of the water falling too rapidly and the eggs cooking in layers (this makes them very hard to peel). So I cooked four or five eggs in a large pan, and had two pans going at a time. Didn’t take much longer to cook up 18 eggs than normal, but they all cooked through evenly. Good tip!

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