Steak rub

We had a delicious steak for dinner the other night. Just a regular steak (not sirloin or anything special) with some rub (part of our Christmas loot) smeared all over. The rub has chives and herbs in, and came in the most adorable wee pots. We’re going to assume it is a homemade concoction – we were very impressed. It really brought out and improved the flavour of the meat. I’m sure we could have made up a rub of some variety ourselves, but it was nice to have someone else do the thinking on that one. Either way, we’ll definitely be using more rubs on our steaks and chops in the future.

The steaks were cooked for a couple of minutes on either side and kept warm in the oven for a moment or two while serving up. They were very thin – always be careful not too over cook!

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is FREE on Extra Easy – remove all visible fat from the steaks (these ones were very lean) and your rub can be Syn free too! Perhaps serve with Slimming World chips and a salad.

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