Prawn chowder: prepping for tomorrow

This prawn chowder is super quick and easy. The recipe is taken from the BBC Good Food Healthy Recipes app for the iPhone. The app cost a few £s, but I’ve used lots of recipes out of it, so worth the investment.

This dish is going to be a starter tomorrow, at my father’s birthday dinner. So I’ve made the soup, prepped the bacon, and bought the prawns – all it needs is heating thourgh tomorrow, before serving.

The chowder is meant to have a big dollop of mashed potato in the middle, but I’ve missed this out as it will be a starter. However, the mash would bulk the recipe out and make it more hearty. I would suggest keeping some mash over from another meal, but you could make it from scratch if you’re super keen!

400g can of sweet corn, blended til as smooth as possible
A bunch of spring onions, chopped (I did this with scissors to cut down on time even more)
2 tbsp tomato puree
1 tsp paprika
600ml stock
200g small prawns, cooked and washed
4 rashers bacon, grilled til crispy and chopped into bits

Add the spring onions to a large pan and fry with Fry Light until softened. Add the corn, tomato puree, paprika and stock. Mix, then bring to the boil. Simmer for five minutes. Add the prawns and warm through. Serve immediately (and before the prawns get overcooked!) – split between four bowls and sprinkle bacon on top.

Slimming World Syns: this recipe is Syn FREE on Extra Easy – and it still woudl be if you added the mashed potato!

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