Valentine’s Dine In meal deal (courtesy of M&S)

A big thank you to M&S for continuing to make Valentine’s Day easy. And, come to think of it, any other special occasion. What would we do without them in this house?!

Last night’s meal deal included:

  • Orkney crab gratins – so delicious! Crab topped with a luscious cheesy sauce, topped with Parmesan and ciabatta crust. The best bit is that the crab shells weren’t real – they’re plastic, and reusable. Bonus.
  • Quick cook lamb steaks with roasted tomato and smoked paprika butters – the steaks were sublime. The butters were tasty, but I could give or take them. The steaks would’ve been great with anything.
  • Garlic mushrooms – we always get these with our meal deal. They are just THE best garlic mushrooms ever – garlicy, mushroomy, and crumb-topped.
  • Hot chocolate and raspberry truffle bakes – just the name will sell you on these. Not to mention the bourbon base, and grated dark chocolate sprinkled on top. And then I added more cream – as if it needed it!

Hubby also bought extra vegetables: purple sprouted broccoli. And I made rosemary roasters.

With the meal deal there’s a bottle of vino – Pinot Grigio in our case. And for Valentine’s you also get a bunch of flowers  one less thing for Hubby to think about.

The M&S meal deal is great value and simply delicious. Looking forward to the next special occasion already…

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