Eggs and wurst for breakfast

Our German friends sure know what we like. Which is a good thing. They brought us wurst!

Last year we visited Germany, and on our first night in Peine we were hosted at a local brewery. The fare was very good, and simple: beer, wurst and bread. Hubby and I discovered our love of sausage was international, and German wurst became a particular favourite.

During our trip we became friends with Regina and Dirk, and this past weekend we were reunited at the annual dinner of the Clan MacLeod Society of Scotland. And Regina brought us wurst! They are a cured sausage, a speciality of her home town called pepperbiter, and she said they’d be great with eggs…

I chopped the wurst and heated then a little in a heavy-based frying pan. I had six eggs, beaten, and continued to cook on a medium heat, stirring all the time, until the eggs were scrambled.

The wurst and eggs were gooooooooood. A great way to start a lazy Sunday.

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