Eating out: annual dinner at the Murrayfield Hotel

This weekend we attended the annual dinner of the Clan MacLeod Society of Scotland at the Murrayfield Hotel. It was an excellent meal in every respect.

The food is really excellent. It’s always nice at these large dinners to have a choice of dish, and everyone looked tempting on the menu – and even more so when they arrived on the table.

I started with hot salmon and trout salad, with olive tapenade and melba toasts. The fishes were a nice mix, and the olive worked well with them. Actually, the tapenade was the best bit – very nice with the melba toasts!

The main I had was roast beef with potato Dauphinoise, Yorkshire pudding and fresh vegetables.
The beef was very nicely done – well, but not tough. The potatoes were exquisite. Dauphinoise are my absolute favourite – cream, garlic nad potatoes: it’s all good. And what is beef and gravy without a Yorkshire pud?! Excellent.

And for dessert I had the cheessboard – as usual! There was a very nice and spicy goat’s cheese, excellent chutney and a wee bit fruit and celery. A perfect cheeseboard (and I know cheese).

As well as the excellent surroundings and great food, the service was excellent this year. They are under new management – I don’t know if that made the difference, but we were served promptly and had finished up and were having coffee within the two hours we were promised. The staff were very helpful and courteous. Their hard work was appreciated!

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