Slimming World pancakes

This Shrove Tuesday I’m going to try two different pancake recipes. I tried the Slimming Pancake recipe as sweet and savoury (by missing out the sugar), and the Syn Free Pancakes as savoury – check out what I filled them with later today

Slimming Pancakes

Recipe courtesy of Slimming World website.

57g/2oz plain flour
2 large eggs
150g fat-free natural fromage frais
1 level tbsp caster sugar
142ml/¼pt skimmed milk
a few drops of vanilla essence

Sift the flour into a bowl. Beat the eggs, add to the bowl along with the fromage frais and mix. Add the sugar, milk and vanilla essence and whisk to form a smooth batter. Chill for at least 30 minutes.

Lightly spray a non-stick frying pan with Fry Light, place over a medium heat until hot. Add a small ladleful of batter, swirling to cover the base and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden and set. Remove and stack between non-stick paper while making 7 more pancakes.

Slimming World Syns: these pancakes are about 2 Syns each. If you miss out the sugar – substituting sweetener, or making them savoury – they are about 1.6 Syns each.

Syn Free Pancakes

Recipe inspired by a Slimming World blog. The mix for these is akin to my berry souffle recipe – only you squeeze the air out of it!

2 eggs
2-3 tsp sweetener
3-4 drops of vanilla essence

Separate the white from the yolk and put into separate bowls.

Add the vanilla essence to the yolk, and beat until a creamy colour. Set aside.
Beat the egg white until it forms soft peaks. Stir through the sweetener.
Then fold the yolk into the egg white.

Heat a frying pan with Fry Light. Add the half mix and spread as you would a normal pancake. After a few mins flip over. Give it a good squeeze with your fish slice (or other preferred pancake flipping device). Flip over again. Squeeze.

Serve with your preferred filling.

Top Tip: you will need to cook them longer than normal to stop them tasting like a sweet omelette or scrambled eggs. The squeezing will help! After making a few you’ll see you can use less pancake mix and cook them for longer.

Slimming World Syns: these pancakes are Syn FREE!

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    Well, it’s Shrove Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras) again, and it made me think of these two rather fab pancake recipes. Enjoy!

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