A Slimming World girls night in (and cleaning the family silver)

Last night Mother and I were abandoned by our respective spouses (both were curling) so we decided to eat together – it’s easier to cook for two than for one.

I cooked my paprika mushroom pasta – this time I used less pasta than I would for Hubby and me, a wee bit more paprika, and a good dash or two of Worcestershire sauce (brand: Sarson’s – it’s what they had in). The sauce was much redder than usual and had a super robust taste to it. Oh, and there had to be a wee gherkin or two on the side! Mum made a nice fresh salad to accompany.

For afters I concocted a bannoffee dessert: one banana, sliced, topped with a Mullerlight fat free yoghurt, and sprinkled with a little chocolate Cadbury’s Highlight.

Slimming World Syns: the pasta recipe is Syn FREE on Extra Easy (and Green). The dessert has negligible Syns due to the Cadbury’s Highlight.

After dinner we bonded over cleaning the family silver – in an ionising bath. Though not strictly a food recipe, it is a recipe all the same!

  • Put a piece of cooking foil in the base of a non-metallic bowl
  • Fill with warm water
  • Mix salt and bicarbonate of soda in the water
  • Put in your piece of silver. Gently stir the water around the piece of silver. Air bubbles and a sulphur-like smell should appear. The tarnish should literally fall off!
  • When the silver is clean, wash with clean water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

I normally find a final clean with silver polish (followed by a clean with mild soap and thoroughly dry) works wonders to get it really sparkling.

Remember: tarnish is created by the top layer of silver reacting with agents in the air around it, so every time you polish silver to remove the tarnish you remove the top layer of silver, and eventually you’ll wear the silver down. So:

  • only polish silver when you have to
  • keep silver wrapped up in store, in acid-free wrappings, when you’re not using it to avoid tarnishing
  • if you really want to do the best for your silver, have it professionally cleaned and lacquered
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2 Responses to A Slimming World girls night in (and cleaning the family silver)

  1. Great silver tips! I will try that with some of my silver jewellery. 🙂

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