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A marvellous red cake, with a little help from Martha and Betty

“You are making a cake, right?” Those are the only words I need to hear. And so it began. Inspired by the last birthday cake I had, I turned to Martha Stewart for recipe inspiration. And what a recipe I … Continue reading

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Slimming World snacks: ham and pineapple (again) courtesy of M&S

Ham and pineapple is still my favourite Slimming World snack, and readily available from most shops at a moment’s notice. This lot is from M&S at the train station, right before travelling. And they do a supersized pineapple!!

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Creamy chicken, ham and mushroom pasta and dinner outside

Dinner tonight was pasta based on a familiar theme – pasta with mushrooms in a creamy sauce. I used some cooked chicken and boiled ham instead of bacon – fine, but not as flavoursome as smoked bacon bits! I added paprika … Continue reading

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Eating out: more Bagel Factory

Another delicious bagel from the Bagel Factory! Really yummy. A good mix of protein and vegetables, and plenty of tasty goo from the pesto and tomatoes. They haven’t failed me yet with their good service and good food.

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Caraway beetroot and a roast chicken dinner

Dinner tonight was roast chicken, with new potatoes, broccoli and green beans. I thought I might need a wee bit more vege so made up a batch of beetroot. It’s adapted from a recipe I made at Thanksgiving and makes … Continue reading

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Ice poles and daffodils

This week we’ve had a wee spell of unseasonably nice weather. The daffodils think it’s Spring, but the weather forecast thinks it’s Summer! My colleague popped up to the shop and kindly got me a cola flavoured Mr Freeze icepole … Continue reading

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Slimming World prawn cocktail

Ingredients 500g king prawns, peeled and cooked 1 tbsp ketchup 1 tbsp lowest fat mayo 2 tbsp Quark seasoning salad paprika to serve Method Mix the ketchup, mayo and Quark. Stir in the prawns. Season with salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce … Continue reading

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