Eating out: Chop Chop

Chop Chop (Haymarket) was one of the first places that Hubby took me when we were first dating. We’ve not been back in years – an oversight! We usually have other plans when we are in the capital city, but this week we had a few extra hours and knew we’d have to eat…

I decided we should get the unlimited banquet – a good deal if you eat everything on the menu, and a few more! Our firm favourites are dumplings – fried or steamed – and that’s still the case. But we did find some new favourites too…

  • Pork & coriander boiled dumplings: these were really good. The pork dumplings are always tasty, but the coriander is particularly good. A firm favourite.
  • Pan-fried prawn dumplings: these are tasty, and the pan frying is excellent!
  • Cucumber salad: this salad was extremely good. Hubby even thought so – and it has vegetables in it, so that’s evidence of how good it was. The salad was: grated cucumber; small amounts of cooked rice noodles, shredded Chinese lettuce and grated carrot; and a delicious dressing (rice vinegar and wasabi). So good.
  • Egg Plant: again, Hubby wanted seconds and thirds of this, evidence of how good it is. The aubgerine was fried with ginger, garlic and spring onion. I’ve never had aubergine that good.
  • Crispy Northern Beef: this beef was battered, fried and served with a sweet and sour style sauce. I was pretty good too.
  • Lamb with cumin seed: the lamb was a very good dish. Very simple – shredded lamb with cumin. It worked really well.
  • Boiled rice

The thing I really like about set meals is not having to make difficult choices! The rest of the menu looks fantastic, so the choice would indeed have been very difficult! We had green tea to accompany our meal (and it comes with free refills), and Hubby ordered a side of crispy shredded potato (I have no idea what they did to the potato but it tasted fantastic!).

The service at Chop Chop was excellent – friendly staff, helpful, and speedy. The surroundings haven’t changed much in the past few years since our last visit! But that’s OK – it’s quite atmospheric.

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