Lemon and fennel slow cooked chicken

Last weekend I did a slow cooked whole chicken and it was really good – so I decided to repeat the experiment.

  • This time, instead of onion and orange in the slow cooker under the chicken I used fennel, celery and lemon.
  • I skinned the chicken and cut off all excess fat. I grated the zest from a lemon, mixed this with freshly cracked pepper and salt, and rubbed into the chicken breast. I placed the chicken breast down on top of the vege, covered with the lid.
  • It was cooked on high for an hour and low for 6 hours. Once cooked I removed the chicken and left to rest.
  • I removed the juices from the slow cooker, heated gently in a small saucepan and added thickening granules to make a sauce.
  • I served a chicken breast with the cooked vege and the thickened sauce.

The verdict: I should’ve left out the lemon itself, and just included zest and juice – it made the vege a little bitter. I added honey and a little Worcestershire sauce to the sauce to improve the flavour. But the chicken was excellent! I’ll definitely try this concoction again til I get it right.

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