Eating out: The Meadows Hotel

I shouldn’t really be surprised that there are parts of Edinburgh I’ve never been to before! It’s a big place. So The Meadows Hotel (formerly the Borough Hotel) was a fine find. We were there to celebrate with good friends after their civil partnership, so it was a very jolly affair indeed!

The Hotel’s bar and restaurant (and rooms and facilities, for that matter!) are well appointed, and have a good decor and atmosphere.

For dinner I had prawn cocktail to start. It was good – it did exactly what it said on the tin. The prawns were not the best – they tasted salty and ike they’d been defrosted – but that was the only downside.

For main I had beef bourguignon, served with mash and beetroot. All three parts of the dish were excellent. The beef was fantastic – succulent and delicious. The only downside was that it had been sitting out waiting to be served for a wee while, so it was cold. Otherwise, it was absolutely great! Some of the best beef I’ve ever had, I think.

The service was fine, though it could have been a little quicker, and the staff need some vocal training to be able to project when calling out meals for patrons! It’s always hard for restaurants to deal with large group – trying to get all the food out at the same time, and in a timely manner – but they managed fine. And, as I say, we were a jolly group so not bothered about a wait!

The Hotel was an excellent venue for a party – after dinner the restaurant became the dance floor!

As an aside we ended up getting a room at the Hotel at the last minute. It was a shame their website wasn’t working, or we’d have known they had rooms available and would have booked weeks ago!

The room was nice – good decor and facilities. It was a shame that there wasn’t a socket to plug the kettle in to by the tea and coffee station, and that the heating, though noisy, didn’t produce any heat (not that we needed it). However, the shower redeemed any failings of the room – it was one of those massive shower heads, mounted in the wall, and had huge amounts of hot water pouring out. Fabulous!

Breakfast was help yourself, and continental, but exactly what the doctor ordered after an evening of frivolity. Good croissants and pastries, a choice of cereal, and hot coffee (though real would’ve been preferable to instant).

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2 Responses to Eating out: The Meadows Hotel

  1. Jackie says:

    I tried to Book a room too and their website kept telling me sold out. Never thought to call/ask!

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