Eating Out: City Harbour Chinese Buffet Restaurant

I usually get my hair cut on a Thursday evening, and normally try to use it as an excuse to eat out with hubbie afterwards. We normally go to a well known Chinese buffet chain, but was persuaded to try to different establishment this time.

The City Harbour Chinese Buffet Restaurant has a nice atmosphere, efficient and pleasant service, and good food.

The selection was smaller than the aforementioned competition, but the quality of the ingredients is much better and the dishes overall are better. They also serve lots of our favourites, so we were even more happy!

Particular favourites included: the scampi, the best I’ve ever had; the chicken skewers, with curry sauce; and the prawns in black bean.

After dinner we went for a wee walk around the harbour to have a look at the boats. I’ve never been to this bot of Dundee before, despite living there for a couple of years. I loved the Frigate Unicorn! Such a cool ship. I could imagine canons firing out of the portals, and masts and rigging galore! And it has a roof on, which was quite amusing – it is Scotland afterall! The bow was incredibly impressive – unicorn! And the stern was too – big bottomed girl!

There’s also an awesome portable lighthouse moored further into the harbour, which we’ll have a better look at next time. We’ll definitely head back to the Unicorn in daylight and pay a proper visit.

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