Gadgets I can’t live without: apple corer and slicer

I found this apple corer and slicer at a farm shop outside St Andrews, Fife. I’ve used a regular corer before, but the slicer and corer in one in particularly clever. The lady in the shop did warn me not to get me fingers cut on the slicer bit when trying to remove the apple slices from the gadget – it’s really sharp! But aside from needing a little care when using, it’s a huge time saver (I’m so lazy!), and super easy to use:

  • place the apple on the board
  • centre the corer on the apple core
  • and push the corer down through the apple.


I chopped the slices into chunks and served with grapes, topped with fat free Greek yoghurt and a little honey.

Oh, and my favourite variety of apple is the Pink Lady – pictured!

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