Eating out: Sante

Friday night was my last curling game of the season, and Papa was my skip. So we had a Daddy/Daughter Date and went out for dinner in town after the game. We managed to get a table at Sante in Perth and had the excellent pre-theatre menu (reasonably priced at 2 Courses for £12.90 / 3 Courses for £15.90).

The service was excellent, and we appreciated them squeezing us in before their reservations started. The staff were extremely attentive and courteous.

My duck liver pate with oatcakes was excellent to start. The pate was lovely and light, something I was grateful for as I can be a bt funny about pate. The oatcakes were very good too, as was the jelly (though I forget the fruit). It was served with a garnish of coriander, which I ate with some pate and it was lovely.
Unfortunately Papa’s soup was over-seasoned and he couldn’t even get started, let alone finish the dish. However, the excellent staff were happy to take it away and give him the pate as a replacement. They were very sympathetic throughout and quick to bring a replacement (and more oatcakes for me!).

We both had the beef shin, served with a massive ravioli stuffed with mushroom and spinach, mashed potato, broccoli and a jus. Papa often has shin when in Italy – though it’s called stinco in Italian – and it’s a firm favourite. And we were not disappointed with Sante’s beef shin. It was extremely good: impossibly succulent and flavoursome (as was the jus). The ravioli was delicious too, though the pasta was a little thick to be perfect.

The desserts looked as delicious as the rest of the menu, but we passed on this occasion. So I had an espresso instead.

Overall, an excellent eating out experience, and I would highly recommend Sante to anyone. However, they would have got a better tip if the soup hadn’t been such a disappointment (despite the excellent comeback) and if we’d not been sat right by the kitchen (though in fairness we were also right by the window, which was excellent).

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