Eating out: catered lunch at the University of Edinburgh

This week I had a meeting in Edinburgh and the venue was the University of Edinburgh’s St Cecilia’s Hall of Musical Instruments. It’s a pretty cool venue to have a meeting to be honest! And very beautiful throughout. Coffee was severed in the stringed instrument room, which is full of wonders. The coffee was pretty good and they had a good selection of teas for everyone else. Though a gripe I heard was that the regular tea had been brewed in a pot that had previously held coffee – never good.

I was looking forward to lunch – last time we were here it was better than most. One thing that had stuck in my mind was that some of the sandwiches weren’t just bread with stuff in the middle. I don’t know who the caterer was, but I wasn’t disappointed – we had a good selection of sandwiches, wig different breads, wraps and rolls, and a variety of fillings – lots vege, and none your standard cheese and ham/cheese and tomato/egg mayo type fare. My only point is that because the fillings weren’t standard, wee signs saying what they were would’ve been appreciated.

Then there were eclairs with coffee: most excellent.

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