Mother’s prune cream, and teaching parents new tricks

Mum was about to start rooting through every cook book in Christiandom to look for a recipe using honey, when I reminded her about the internet. She asked me how I found the website this recipe came from and she didn’t believe me when I said I’d typed “honey recipes” into Google.

She was looking for the recipe for the monthly competition at the Rural, which was to make a recipe using honey. And we were all extremely pleased with the results – an extremely tasty recipe! She was a bit miffed that I’d not taken a photo, so couldn’t blog about it (Papa has been on the blog a couple of times). So she tried it again, this time replacing the cream with fromage frais to make it a bit less calorific – that worked well too.

1 lb prunes
½ pint double cream*
1 tsp grated orange rind
honey to taste
orange slices to decorate

For dried prunes: Soak prunes overnight in water or wine. Next day gently simmer until soft.
For tinned prunes: remove from can and use as per the recipe.

Stone and sieve or liquidise with enough of their liquid to make a thick puree. Cool. Whip cream and fold in prune puree and orange rind, with honey to taste. Serve chilled garnished with orange slices, and a wee squirt of cream.

*Slimming World Syns: with the cream replaced by fat free fromage frais, you only need to count the prunes and honey – a little more Syn free than with cream!

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