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Making pizza from first principals: toppings

After making the dough from scratch we had alot of fun making up the pizzas! The first problem was that we had to make sure the pizza bases fitted in the oiled trays – again, I was taking Jamie Oliver’s … Continue reading

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M&S 3 for £10: meat, meat, meat

Marks and Spencer do terribly good food offers, and with food as good as that it’s hard to resist. Hubby certainly can’t! The other day he said he’d cook dinner, so popped in to get a few bits and pieces. Not to … Continue reading

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First time making pizza from first principals: the dough

Well, I think it’s the first time making pizza from first principles (ie scratch), but could be wrong. I’m sure I’d remember making the dough and all that nonsense. Though I have made some pretty awesome Slimming World pizza (with butterflied … Continue reading

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Pecorino (courtesy of Valvona and Crolla) and an apple

The good life is simple: slices of pecorino (a delicious, mature example of this favourite cheese) and slices of apple (a Pink Lady, in this case). Just wonderful. It was all courtesy of Mum, who couldn’t find the Stelline, used in a previous … Continue reading

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Dinner for 12: soup, pasta, venison and lemon mousse

My uncle celebrated his 70th birthday this week, so Papa through him a dinner party. 12 was a bit of a squeeze around the table, but the food was great and the wine plentiful, and that’s what counts! Papa was … Continue reading

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Vege patch produce: pink fir apple potatoes

So, the vegetable patch has begun in earnest with the arrival of a delivery from Thomson & Morgan, including 20 pink fir apple potatoes. I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about growing my own vegetables, so this is all new to me. … Continue reading

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King prawns and pasta

We love prawns, we do. The great thing about king prawns is that they keep in the freezer and can be recalled at will! The other week, frozen raw king prawns were half price at my preferred supermarket – so … Continue reading

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